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Don’t feel As Dumb As Daraius once you Book an automobile local rentalunfortuitously, we don’t have an unlimited stash of focus and concentration. And manual nature of many of the jobs ensures that you occasionally will likely make a mistake.

1-Way Automobile Rental to Key West

Emily and I also decided to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Key West after the present Frequent Flyer University in Tampa. We’ve (I) constantly wished to drive regarding the international Highway to Key West.

We additionally wanted to travel back to Austin right from Key western utilizing our Southwest Companion Pass, so we booked a 1-way car rental from Fort Lauderdale to Key West.

Be cautious When you Re-Book!

~$160 ended up being a fairly great price for a 4 day 1-way automobile rental.

But no! I had to help keep scheduling and rebooking when you look at the hope of finding a less expensive price. Leasing vehicle prices often decrease as you have nearer to the time once you pick-up the vehicle (unless the leasing vehicle company is sold-out).

Don’t become As Dumb As Daraius once you Book a car or truck leasingAt long last discovered an interest rate for ~ on the day we had been designed to pick-up the rental and cancelled my old reservation and re-booked during the less expensive rate. I also talked about to Emily the way I got the rate down from ~$300!

Fast toward the airport at Key West. We'd a great time at Key West and I also dropped Emily down in the terminal and decided to go to return the automobile.

We looked-for the signs to your Alamo good deal. There were indications to other rental automobile agencies, but not to Alamo! And so I drove around once more convinced that I experienced missed the sign, but there to be real no Alamo good deal at the Key western Airport.

And so I got completely my Costco Travel verification and knew that I experienced booked a round-trip leasing and had to go back the automobile to Fort Lauderdale (instead of a 1-way rental with a drop-off in crucial western)!

Don’t stay As Dumb As Daraius once you Book a motor vehicle Rental


Our journey was making in one hour and I also necessary to fix this at the earliest opportunity. Therefore I called Alamo and requested all of them easily can return the automobile with their off airport area around. They agreed to let me send it back to an Enterprise area near the airport, but I’d have to pay the difference in local rental cost that they calculated at $250.

This meant that I paid ~$340 when it comes to leasing ($90 + $250 difference) that is $40 above the standard local rental rate! Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

The story finishes really (besides destroying my vacation budget) because we drove quickly into the Enterprise location, returned the vehicle, paid the difference, making it returning to the airport within the free Enterprise shuttle simply with time for the trip.

And Emily becoming a better individual than I ever will likely to be, performedn’t “remind” me personally of my abilities at finding an inexpensive car return. I’m therefore lucky to-be together with her!

Bottom Line

The example for me – and you – usually it doesn’t constantly pay is obsessive about kilometers and things.

You don’t need certainly to work every advertising, squeeze every mile out of your award redemptions, maximize every buck you may spend in credit cards, and obsessively check and re-check for lower leasing vehicle and hotel prices.

Once you find an interest rate which you’re prepared to purchase accommodations car or hotel, and that is much cheaper than what it costs elsewhere, let it be.

And take your time & power on much more important things.

Oh, and double-check your drop-off and collect location!

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