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Alamo Car rental in Florida

Southern Beach

Wynwood Arts District

Drive toward downtown Miami to experience the Wynwood Arts District, Miami's most eclectic and culturally crucial neighborhood. This one-time warehouse district these days houses the city's chicest shopping, funkiest galleries and trendiest restaurants and bars. Very first end should be the Wynwood Walls, perhaps the country's most famous outside street art convention. Buy imaginative souvenirs at Wynwood Letterpress before getting locally roasted coffee at Panther, or margaritas and tacos at Coyo Taco. After refueling, stroll to the Design District shops, where you could window-shop at designer shops, including Christian Louboutin and Hermès.

Little Havana

Miami's rich Cuban tradition defines much of the town. Encounter those Hispanic impacts entirely throttle with a walk along Calle Ocho (8th Street), the primary drag in Miami's minimal Havana neighbor hood.Grab your girlfriends for many fun under the sun at these Miami hot places, after that pack up the leasing automobile and drive south to explore outdoor and underwater sights within the Florida Keys. Grab a stronger Cuban coffee, known as a cafecito, from one associated with the to-go windows lining the road, then walk last colorful outdoor murals and elderly males playing dominoes in tiny Maximo Gomez Domino Park. Whenever appetite strikes, drive two kilometers along 8th Street to Versailles, a landmark Cuban restaurant.

Coconut Grove

Miami locals have a clear smooth area for Coconut Grove, a tiny enclave on Biscayne Bay and one associated with city's earliest areas. As soon as a sanctuary for Miami's hippies, music artists and other “creatives, ” the neighborhood's pedestrian-friendly town center now houses boutiques, galleries, wine taverns and sidewalk cafes, like Lulu, ideal for a ladies’ lunch with plenty of people seeing. Stroll through CocoWalk outdoor mall or go to Barnacle Historic State Park to explore the bayside residence of one of this Grove's very first 19th-century settlers. Visit Dinner Key Marina to ogle gleaming yachts and sailboats bobbing alongside the docks. Kayak and stand-up paddleboards can be found to hire, and boating charters can also be scheduled indeed there. Carry on walking across the waterfront toward adjacent Grove Key Marina and Monty's Raw club, for which you'll want to avoid for a cold drink and – if the time is right – $1 pleased time oysters.

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