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for rentalBecause the distinctions between Brit and United states English usage of rent and hire wasn't really managed, i did so some research and developed this instead step-by-step summary.

  • Rent (the fixed amount of cash you pay to an owner the use of one thing, particularly that you pay frequently for; a-room, property, a company etc.)

American English

As noted by RyeBread, Zibbobz and tehDorf, in the USA just products and accommodation tend to be rented; in extremely rare cases are they reported to be employed. The contract to rent a product or property could be either short or lasting, including:

Rent accommodation (out) to
Who owns the house rents out to tenants, the sign displayed outside property advertising its supply need the text: House for rent.

The buyer (or lessee) has also the opportunity to choose the rented good(s) by paying the leasing fee for a length of time or by paying a lump sum payment repayment. This type of purchasing is recognized as rent-to-own or installment plan.

Uk English

In the united kingdom it's more widespread to hire products (TVs, furnishings etc.) and accommodation on a permanent contract.

Rent accommodation out / allow
Homes, flats (apartments AmEng) etc. which are rented are allow in the united kingdom. A home displaying a sign inside window might have the language: areas to allow. A British home owner might state: "We inhabit the downstairs level and allow the upstairs someone to renters." Let and lease tend to be however, both typical terms used in the UK.

an agreement in which one covers an item or residential property for a short period of time.

As previously mentioned into the question; products in britain can be hired or bought on HP (Hire and Purchase). Despite its size, any object are employed in the united kingdom be it a bicycle, a DVD, a room to host a conference as well as a castle. Nevertheless the arrangement is generally a short-term one. E.g; Windsurfing and water-skiing gear on hire; ; "they hired a marquee for wedding". And clothes are employed, frequently for solitary occasions, maybe not hired.

  • employ (to hire or offer somebody a job)

In both the UK plus in the united states the expressions hire and use are used for hiring people on part-time or on permanent contracts. The tiny distinction becoming that the expressions accept, and employ are used more frequently in britain compared to the US.

@Barrie England's answer (see link) offers a further option: "inside UK, we may be more willing to appoint a consultant."

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