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Added on April 16, 2015 the news headlines Wheel bedbugs, blow-up, explosion, explosions, Long Island, leasing vehicle

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extended Island guy Blows Up Car in Supermarket Parking Lot

A Long Island guy recently made the mistake of blowing his automobile up while attempting to rid it of bedbugs.

The good news? Those bedbugs tend to be gone. The better yet development? It absolutely was a rental.

The incident took place Tuesday night at around 5:00 pm in parking area outside a King Kullen supermarket in Eastport, Long Island.

Bridgehampton citizen Scott Kemery, 44, apparently had a negative instance of this bedbugs in his leasing automobile (that he obtained in Florida), and had been told by a friend which he could destroy the pests with liquor. After pouring some scrubbing alcohol on the insects, Kemery sat down and calmly lit up his smoking, with all the hubristic swagger of a male design in a .

The car, needless to say, erupted into flames. Kemery escaped with very first- and second-degree burns off, right before their blazing leasing vehicle exploded, terribly damaging the 2 automobiles parked close to it.

Keep in mind young ones: alcoholic beverages and cars don’t blend. Liquor and vehicles and cigarettes, even less therefore. Add in some bedbugs, and you’ve got your self one dangerous cocktail.

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