Logan International Airport

National rental Car Boston Logan

Many national car leasing firms are represented at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). Many individuals flying into Logan Airport decide to hire a vehicle and drive outside of Boston. Destinations within section of Massachusetts and New The united kingdomt are plentiful, with both Cambridge and Newton lying into western, off the I-90 interstate (Mass Pike).

To the south of Boston, features feature Milton, Quincy and Braintree, which are situated near the I-93 interstate (Southeast Expressway). Further afield yet nonetheless within operating distance of Boston, Springfield can be seen to the west, while Manchester lies on north.

Speed restrictions in Boston, American
Cities: 30 miles per hour / 48 kph
Open roadways: 65 miles per hour / 105 kph
Motorways / highways: 70 mph / 113 kph

Automobile Rental, Driving and Parking in Boston

In Boston, as with the remainder American, automobiles constantly remain on the right-hand side. Many rental organizations at Logan Airport only hire to drivers over 25, although Alamo, Thrifty and Enterprise usually employ cars to those who are only 21 yrs old.

Operating round the heart of downtown Boston is tough and very crazy, with one-way streets and roads on a regular basis becoming shut due to the city's popular 'Big Dig', that will be becoming managed by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. Those trying to park when you look at the city center must look into staying in a hotel having its very own parking space, underground storage or close by parking lot. Desirable garages in downtown Boston quickly refill and that can be found along Beacon Street, Tremont Street, Province Street and Devonshire Put.

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) vehicle leasing Companies

Logan Airport is offered by eight significant car rental corporations. Attached to the airport terminals by frequent free shuttle buses, the vehicle rental companies have stands found in the arrivals hall in Terminal A. In Terminals C and E, all rental businesses have direct line telephones.

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget Cars
  • Dollar
  • Enterprize
  • Hertz
  • National Automobile Rental
  • Thrifty
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