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Thought you couldn't get accommodations vehicle if you didn't have a charge card? Which is most likely everything've heard for a long time from rental automobile agents at airports, but it could be getting much easier for a few people to lease a vehicle without a charge card. A study for the top local rental vehicle organizations suggests that nearly all associated with the businesses enable you to rent their automobiles without bank cards. However, it may take some run your part - and perseverance - to obtain the cars.

you are able to hire an automobile with no charge card, but expect to attempt more difficult. There are many hurdles and constraints. if you do not have credit cards or get one and don't desire to use it, debit card deals are actually more widely acknowledged by leasing car businesses. (See 12 tips for leasing a motor vehicle without credit cards) Unlike bank cards, which need users to borrow funds from bank card issuers to pay for purchases, debit cards draw resources from the user's own checking or family savings. Debit deals tend to be restricted to what quantity of money is available in those records and financial institutions may impose daily restrictions on the amount of deals processed with one of these cards.

The review includes nine significant automobile leasing organizations: Alamo, Avis, Budget, business, E-Z lease a car or truck, Hertz, National, Rent-a-Wreck and Thrifty. An overall total of 45 locations had been surveyed. called five various locations of the identical leasing business - some at airport websites; others away from the airports in cities - to ask if they permitted clients to lease vehicles without credit cards. The very first reaction ended up being frequently a curt "no" from most customer service associates working the desks. That answer quickly considered "yes, " but when a follow-up concern was asked: Do they take debit cards?

Responses vary; call around
The answers diverse from area to a different, largely since the greater part of car leasing companies tend to be franchise businesses permitted to set regional guidelines about repayment acceptance. So a credit-cardless buyer that is turned away by a vehicle rental broker at an airport site may be accepted at another precise location of the exact same company. It pays for customers to call around. The manager at one rental automobile agency may agree to relax what's needed to support a frequent client or if perhaps they would like to make a-sale therefore the only way to take action would be to take a nontraditional payment method.

Of this 45 leasing places contacted, all eventually suggested they accept debit cards - meaning credit cards aren't needed. The firms choose consumers make use of bank cards, however, and enforce a variety of additional obstacles and restrictions for anyone paying with debit cards or money.

Debit card usage increasing
Wider acceptance of debit cards by the car leasing businesses has actually coincided with increased utilization of the cards by consumers. A December 2007 report by the Federal Reserve Board shows that debit card payments outnumbered bank card repayments by 2006 and became probably the most frequently employed type of electric repayment. From 2003 to 2006, debit card deals rose by 17.5 percent to 25.3 billion repayments; there have been 21.7 billion bank card repayments during that same period.

For decades, major auto rental organizations stood by policies to simply take charge cards for his or her automobile rentals. Together leasing vehicle agency agent leaves it: "This has some thing to do with the reality that they're providing a $20, 000 vehicle, so we require a credit card to back it."

In accordance with the Federal Reserve's 2006 study of customer Finances, 75 % of U.S. families had credit cards in 2004. However, some people could have reasons to utilize their particular credit cards much more prudently today. With home loan foreclosures increasing and financial obligation installation for a lot of American people, an increasing number of folks may choose to pocket their particular plastic. Some individuals are near to their particular credit limits and don't wish exposure incurring over-the-limit charges charged by bank card issuers. Other people may have been advised by credit counselors to shred their credit cards to get rid of the temptation of employing all of them. However other individuals may just like to perform business in money and never borrow to cover living expenses.

One automobile leasing company spokesman said their organization is more secure in debit card users today. Users tend to be screened much more closely by banking institutions considering increased scrutiny of customers caused by laws passed after Sept. 11, states Jason Manelli, manager of marketing and advertising and communications at Rent-a-Wreck of America.

"Post 9-11, financial institutions are performing a better job of handling those who available checking records, from proof of residency to credit inspections, etcetera, " claims Manelli, whose firm has rented vehicles to customers without bank cards for at the very least fifteen years. "in what the banks did, we feel good about accepting debit cards, plus it provides a much better qualified consumer. Once we rent a car for cash, we don't obviously have almost anything to link united states to the client when he pushes that car off our lot."

More limits, limitations, scrutiny
The review reveals that whilst the organizations enable debit card rentals and payments, numerous have actually restrictions and extra demands for everyone not paying with charge cards.

Extra papers can include the following:

  • Credit checks.
  • Valid license or U.S. passport.
  • Current (inside the past 60 days) utility bill (for example., phone, fuel, mobile phone).
  • Copy of return airfare ticket or e-ticket itinerary.

Additional requirements and restrictions may include:

  • A ban on in-state residents, making the rentals and then out-of-state tourists.
  • Exclusion of deluxe and large SUV cars.
  • A prohibition on drivers under 25 years old, or extra daily costs for younger tenants.
  • Additional build up alongside costs.
Have debit, want vehicle:
Just how one local rental company's policies differed
Check around: Car rental agencies' guidelines about accepting debit cards differ. This instance reveals exactly how five Avis leasing automobile locations taken care of immediately questions. All accepted debit cards, but had various restrictions, deposit requirements and "holds" placed on lender accounts.


Debit card demands

Quantity of hold

Length of hold


Drivers over 25

$300 minimal deposit

Until vehicle is returned


Must-have significant charge card

Minimum $250 deposit

Dallas (DFW airport)

Must-have MasterCard logo; credit check; no specialty car rentals

Minimum $300 deposit


Drivers over 25; credit check

Depends on price and amount of rental

fortnight after car is came back

Washington, D.C.

Minimal $500 deposit

14 days

Resource: research

Automobile rental businesses state they need to take extra precautions whenever renting to men and women without charge cards because lacking a credit card is generally an indicator that renter is a credit risk - and may even never be trusted to return a $20, 000 to $30, 000 vehicle.

"it absolutely wasn't until a few years ago that individuals started accepting debit cards once more, " states Kevin Meyer, manager of communications for Avis/Budget Holdings, which is the owner of both Avis and Budget leasing automobile companies. "sadly, they were costing us big money. Some of the clients which use debit cards are higher-risk rentals."

He adds, "We figured out a way for this to operate better, eg improving our system for processing debit cards and implementing some modifications of policy, such as for example criminal record checks, for instance."

Meyer draws an analogy between leasing a vehicle and another preferred local rental product. "Let's say you're going to your cousin's wedding ceremony, and you need to hire a tuxedo. You are able to head out and rent one the next day, no concerns asked. You can easily go right to the wedding and destroy the leasing, and also you're going to result in two hundred dollars. Once you lease a car, the net worth is just about $30, 000, or $50 daily. It's really simply a numbers online game and we need somehow to be sure the chance isn't more than it must be as soon as we lease you a motor vehicle."

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