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Name of rental Car companies Bid Rental vehicleTaking a look through forums we could se that rentals in Summer for an SUV went for $15 per day, to $30 each and every day therefore quite a range indeed there.

Just what you’ll want to do is find somebody that includes had an effective quote acknowledged in the time range that you’re looking for and the same class of car.

It’s this that you’ll usage as a starting place for putting in a bid on our local rental car.

2. Bid for Your Leasing Car

Now that we have a price range at heart we’re prepared start the bidding process for the automobile.

The actual worth that Priceline provides is the capacity to identify a cost and quote for the car rentals, making use of this will bring you the greatest prices nonetheless it calls for some work.

From the homepage find the automobiles tab. You’ll understand regular search location but what we should use is the putting in a bid feature that'll let us get better yet discounts on leasing vehicles.

Next move – enter all information on the area (MCO = Orlando International Airport) combined with the day and times that you’ll need the automobile.

Crucial about this action – we’ll desire to enter a price that we know without a doubt won’t get accepted.

We’re carrying this out because we should see just what Priceline will suggest to united states a far more reasonable quote, we’ll make use of this information to aid guide our bidding procedure.

Priceline rental automobile bidThe after that screen you’ll view is Priceline calling you crazy that /day is not going to be acknowledged.

Have you thought to Princeline???

Anyways whatever they do give us is the “suggested” bid that will be demonstrably way too high. This is when we’ll use those costs we found through the Bidding for Travel online forums. It appeared to be estimates around /day based on the discussion boards had been becoming accepted in order for’s exactly what I’ll go with.

After you enter your quote the second screen will probably be your payment information – a couple of crucial records before you decide to move forward past this next thing.

  • Should your quote is accepted by a business your card would be charged and you’ll be booked. You can find perhaps not cancellations without a tremendously significant penalty. Don’t even try to beg Priceline they won’t hear it.
  • Entering this you won’t know which company you’ll get but that’s okay – it’ll be among the significant local rental organizations at Orlando Overseas.
  • Since there are not any cancellations and modifications make sure that your dates are proper.

When you click distribute you’ll see certainly one of several effects:

  1. Your bid was accepted – Congrats! You just secured in considerably on accommodations car.
  2. Your bid wasn't acknowledged as it had been too low. More about what to do ina moment.
  3. You receive a counter quote. Usually you'll not need accept these countertop estimates because they’re not that great of a deal. If it is a good deal good forward and take it.

Priceline quote carsIn most cases you’ll get outcome # 2 which will be fine – this is where the fun component will come in. The rules of Priceline tend to be you could only re-bid every 24 hours for the same precise quote.

3. Re-Bidding on Priceline

What that does imply usually we could just change the car type and continue to try bidding. Including if I’m bidding $15/day on a standard vehicle I could attempt $13/day for a concise vehicle or $16/day for a full dimensions vehicle.

Make note of the bids that you are creating which is why car kinds. If our estimates are not acknowledged we’ll wait the twenty four hours and bid $1/day much more for every single automobile enter 24 hours.

Make an attempt bidding on as much vehicle types as you are comfortable ending up with. You’ll be presented with a full page below that will allow you to definitely continue trying to bid regarding various vehicle types.

If you are unsuccessful with this specific very first round not to stress -we’ll only take to again tomorrow when we’ll be permitted to bid once again. I usually just take my previous day’s quote and increase by $1/day for every automobile until a bid is accepted.

It might take a couple of days to finally get a quote accepted but it’ll be definitely worth the work, you’ll get a less costly than retail leasing automobile!


Whilst it takes a small amount of research, determination and strive to make use of Priceline rental car bidding to obtain a great deal on a rental car – it’ll be worth it whenever you reserve that car at over a 50per cent rebate (or higher often!). Understand that things can alter from day-to-day – in the event that you bid $15 on a car or truck today and obtain declined that same $15 bid tomorrow is accepted. Continue steadily to work with your bids and check back into have that great deal on your automobile.

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it’s this that you will be charged if the bid is acknowledged Priceline bid refused Re-bidding web page for different vehicle kinds priceline rental vehicle bidding

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