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Last 12 months, the Ford Escape outsold the Honda CR-V together with Toyota RAV4. In its final full 12 months of manufacturing, Ford marketed over 250, 000 samples of its small crossover, a task made even more remarkable—fleet product sales and bonuses notwithstanding—by the reality that all those Escapes were basically the exact same automobile that Ford launched for 2001.

There have been some aesthetic and technical updates as you go along, although Escape had been getting old. Still, with these types of strong sales, Ford didn’t specifically should entirely remake the Escape. Nonetheless it did that. The 2013 Escape marks a total deviation through the crossover SUV it replaces. It had been spawned from organization’s One Ford effort that aims to deliver same or similar automobiles globally. This ’13 Escape, as an example, may be offered as the Kuga in European countries.

Stylish and Creased Replaces Anodyne and Blocky

Upright, high, and built to imply truckishness, the previous Escape didn’t have just one hostile, sporty line on its body. That is certainly false with all the new model. It offers sporty creases pushed into its sheetmetal, the windshield is splayed back, the roof is lower, and forward fascia looks vaguely threatening. It’s similar tale around. Easy, square, and upright being changed by complicated, multifaceted, and enveloping. Cabin materials today feel and look expensive, although we did observe that several fits had been askew in another of the early-build instances we drove.

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