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The US National Combustion Meeting is the top burning technology meeting in the US and contains already been organized biennially since 1999 by the combined United States chapters of the Combustion Institute (the Eastern States Section or ESSCI, the Central States part or CSSCI, therefore the Western shows Section or WSSCI). The 2017 10th United States nationwide Combustion Meeting is managed by the University of Maryland at university Park and also by the Eastern shows element of the Combustion Institute.

We expect a lot more than 400 pupils, experts and designers on conference, representing the leading side of combustion research. The conference will begin on Sunday mid-day, April 23, with a Welcome Reception and will end mid-day on Wednesday, April 26. We anticipate the technical system should include 3 invited plenary lectures, oral presentations of more than 350 papers during 8 parallel sessions, and at minimum one poster program.

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