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Exeter is an ancient town with a vibrant, modern experience. Fascinating visitor tourist attractions, excellent shopping, great refreshments and a vibrant schedule of social activities all combine which will make Exeter the most perfect location to visit and obtain around with a vehicle hire from Thrifty.

View the city below surface at Exeter's mysterious Underground Passages or book a roof trip of Exeter Cathedral for a birds-eye view across the city and past. Join a totally free red-coat Guided Tour and see concealed treasures within the city, or look at the world-class Royal Albert Memorial Museum, awarded 'Museum of the Year' in 2012.

The city boasts many great cultural venues, providing an eclectic mixture of exhibitions, theatre, real time songs and film.

Exeter's many areas and available areas play host to many celebrations and activities throughout the year. See Exeter's Festival of the west The united kingdomt Food & Drink in April in Northernhay Gardens. Celebrate the town's variety at Exeter Respect in Belmont Park in June or visit the Quayside during summertime for dragon vessel rushing, the town of Exeter Regatta and Sunday mid-day jazz and road theater. Various other events not to ever be missed include Exeter's old-fashioned Lammas Fair, Craft Festival, silver screen inside Park and 'Unexpected' – the town's special event of outside arts in unusual locations.

If shopping can be your passion, Exeter doesn't let you down. With new arrivals on city including John Lewis, Cath Kidston, Hollister and Urban Republic, the choice of huge name shops is complimented because of the town's exceptional variety of independent shops attempting to sell anything from classic clothes, fabrics and house products, to unusual gifts and jewellery.

Exeter's track record of fantastic refreshments has actually put it solidly regarding chart among the foodie capitals of this south-west. Award-winning restaurants featuring fresh regular produce are found through the entire town, whilst the regular farmer's marketplace allows you to get straight from manufacturers.

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