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Mitt Romney eked aside a victory in Michigan’s Republican presidential primary Tuesday, conquering critique of their opposition towards automotive business bailout. Why are all major car makers headquartered in or near Detroit?

Because Henry Ford existed there. Detroit and its environs had a great deal to deliver nascent car business across the change for the twentieth century. Iron ore was available from the Mesabi number in Minnesota, and there is ample wood in Michigan it self. (Early car structures had been manufactured from wood.) Rail and liquid channels managed to make it simple to ship cars to Chicago and ny. And Detroit currently hosted heavy business like device stores and stove works. Toledo, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Buffalo could have made similar statements, however do not require became Motown. Detroit’s ultimate prominence most likely had much more related to a few historic accidents than any geographical advantage. First, innovators like Henry Ford and Ransom Olds occurred to live in Michigan. 2nd, automotive professionals in early-20th-century Detroit behaved a lot like Silicon Valley executives these days: They regularly switched businesses and launched spinoffs and startups. This culture of cross-pollination spread innovative manufacturing and design ideas one of the Detroit makers. Remote rivals couldn’t keep up with Motown’s research and development businesses and eventually failed or offered themselves to Detroit.

There was no indication that Detroit would visited take over car making on the market’s very early many years. Based on economist Steven Klepper of Carnegie Mellon University, nothing of the 69 organizations that joined the auto business (PDF) between 1895 and 1900 ended up being situated in Detroit. Olds engine Works became the town’s first major carmaker with regards to relocated from Lansing in 1900. Ransom Olds then made the decision that would contour the program of this business—rather than producing countless tiny components in-house for their Curved Dash Runabout, he subcontracted most of the work to organizations in Detroit’s thriving manufacturing sector. Individuals who built the car’s components sooner or later learned much about automotive production they continued to start their own brands. Olds’ subcontractors included the Briscoe brothers, which aided develop Buick, and machinist Henry Leland, which produced Cadillac and Lincoln. The Dodge brothers also cut their teeth making components for both Olds and Henry Ford. Ransom Olds, himself, in the course of time left Olds engine actively works to receive the REO automobile company. A few other executives from Olds founded Chalmers and Hudson. William Durant, the person behind General Motors, was two times forced from the company, developing Chevrolet and soon after Durant Motors while he ended up being away. Many of these endeavors had been based in or near Detroit.

The amount of U.S. carmakers peaked at 272 in 1909, including major manufacturers in New England and Ohio. During 1910s, but the Detroit companies pulled away. In 1915, 13 out from the country’s 15 hottest vehicle brands had been in Detroit. Engine City executives, specially Ford, invested heavily in research and development, distancing their products or services from the out-of-towners.

The industry more agglomerated—an economics term for combination of a market in one single geographic area—in Detroit, and components suppliers and skilled laborers accompanied the biggest producers to Motown, rendering it more difficult for companies in other regions to participate. Lots of the biggest staying non-Detroit carmakers, including Nash (Kenosha, Wis.), combined with Detroit-based brands in the 1950s to form American Motors. George Romney, parent of the GOP presidential prospect, sooner or later helmed the company, which was bought by Chrysler in 1987.

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