The Alamo

Alamo Reservation number

Drive satisfied with Alamo, save well on every day low prices and make 1, 500 Gold Points daily.

Save more and earn significantly more – to stay much longer. Alamo provides vehicle rental deals for every single stay, so you can afford to do and view more. Alamo makes it possible to reach the fun faster using easy check-in kiosk. It lets you miss the rental counter, choose a car and get. It’s that facile.

  • Secure 1, 500 silver Points per day and save well on each and every day low prices through December 31, 2016 at participating locations in america and Canada.
  • Reserve today at or call 1 800 462-5266 and reference ID 7015940 and be sure to present your Club Carlson user number at period of rental. Reserve Now.

conditions and terms

Discount relates to base price only and good at participating places in the United States or Canada through 12/31/16. Taxes, various other governmentally-authorized or imposed surcharges (including GST/VAT), permit and concession recoupment fees, airport and airport facility fees, gasoline, extra driver charge, one-way leasing fee and recommended items (such as for example CDW around US $30 each day) are extra. In the usa, check your insurance and/or bank card for rental automobile coverage. Renter must satisfy standard age, driver and credit needs. 24-hour advance booking required. Perhaps not legitimate with every other rebate or marketing rate. Accessibility is bound. Susceptible to transform with no warning. Blackout times may use. Void in which forbidden. Points: obtain 1500 Club Carlson Gold Points per rental time. Valid through 12/31/16 at participating areas in the usa and Canada. Must definitely provide Club Carlson account number at period of rental. Alamo gathers a Frequent Traveler Service Charge all the way to $0.75 a day. This service cost will be gathered by Alamo to counterbalance the administrative and system costs associated with involvement in Frequent Traveler programs. Club Carlson membership and receiving of things are at the mercy of Club Carlson terms and conditions that you can get at Allow 6-8 days for Club Carlson points to publish to your account. Offer is at the mercy of vehicle supply. Any changes toward booking may disqualify member from marketing.

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