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Map of Avis Location:Sears automobile Center - Carolina destination Mall Avis area Information

» 11033 Carolina Put Parkway

Area Email Address

11033 Carolina Put Parkway
Pineville, NC, 28134, U S The
Sears Car Center

Contact Number:


Hours of procedure:

Sunlight 11:00 was - 2:00 PM
Mon - Fri 8:00 in the morning - 6:00 PM
Sat 9:00 have always been - 1:00 PM

Other Avis Stores near Sears Car Center - Carolina Destination Mall

Extra Location Information


  • Local rental car should be returned during company hours.
    NOTE: Some places might have a vital drop offered. If the customer chooses to leave the automobile, the consumer accounts for the vehicle & all charges (including any problems the automobile could have sustained during after hours) before the agreement could be closed from the following business day.
    If the area won't have an integral drop field, the positioning cannot allow vehicles to be kept after shutting hours. The customer should not secure the keys within the automobile. The client should be recharged a fee for a locksmith to unlock the automobile.


  • Check out the Avis leasing countertop. Show your drivers permit and determine your self as a Preferred Renter into the Avis leasing agent to receive your preprinted local rental document and secrets.


  • Situated on Carolina Put Mall Sears Auto Center that will be away from I-485.

Examine Prices at Sears Auto Center - Carolina Spot Mall

Additional money to spend on the highway.

Pay today and conserve to 30percent

You can keep more money in your pocket with online PAY NOW rates. How much cash you may well ask? Up to 30%. Just pay with credit cards at the time of reservation. If reduced PAY NOW rates are available for your car rental, you will see a "PAY today ONLINE" prices advisory on vehicle choice web page through your online booking.


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