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Owen Sound is a tiny, yet very charming town located in the Canadian province of Ontario, with an overall total population of 32.259 residents, in line with the 2011 census. Owen Sound is lcoated at the mouths associated with Pottawatomi and Sydenham Rivers on an inlet of Georgian bay called Owen Sound Bay. The town of Owen Sound was originally known as Sydenham, with regards to was initially settled in 1841 by Charles Rankin. Ahead of that, the region of Owen Sound was populated by the Ojibway individuals. Owen Sound can be known as Little Liverpool, because of the roaring seaport. Today, Owen Sound is a charming getaway destination, where you could spend getaway or perhaps the weekend getaway.

Top Destinations Within Owen Sound

Comfort Inn is wonderful venue found in the extremely heart of Owen Sound, near shopping centers, restaurants and regional companies. The Inn is just a brief drive away to Sauble coastline and Bruce Trail accessibility. The Inn offers its consumers a restaurant, where they could enjoy some of the best local and worldwide dishes, also sleep-in the most effective problems. All over inn, there is a picnic area, where you can offer continental breakfast each morning.

Cobble Beach Spa is a laid-back, however elegant invest Owen Sound, punctuated by warmth and friendliness. This top notch facility features affordable costs for everyone. Attached to a luxury boutique inn, there are 10 beautiful suits. The Spa has also got a restaurant, the Sweetwater Bar and Grill that provides client an excellent eating knowledge. Here, you'll wine, eat and unwind in an exceedingly soothing atmosphere.

Nathaniel's Restaurant is a fantastic site in Owenh Sound, that delivers its consumers with a memorable food experience. Here, you can select from a multitude of foods on the menu, as well as from the collection of good wine listing. The restaurant features also got a menu for kids, consisting in fries, hamburgers, soft drink and pancakes. The atmosphere is very good while the staff serves the per need of buyer.

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