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AAA Colorado provides two types of vacation security:

  • Allianz International Aid Travel Cover (additional purchase)
  • Travel Accident Insurance which can be included for all AAA customers whenever scheduling through AAA Travel

Allianz International Assistance Travel Insurance

Protect your investment plus peace of mind with Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance. Travel cover protects you as soon as the unforeseen takes place — termination of travel plans, destroyed baggage and vacation delays.

AAA Travel lovers with Allianz international Assistance to provide our Members travel cover. When you purchase Allianz worldwide Aid Travel Insurance, you'll also reap the benefits of their particular 24-hour emergency assistance hotline staffed with multilingual representatives who can help change lost passes and travel papers, make an emergency money transfer, and which may possibly provide help during medical or legal problems.

Regardless of what kind of travel you’re using, Allianz Global help has a plan that’s best for your needs:

Single Trip

  • TripAssist important: For domestic tourist finding termination and travel disruption coverage it is perhaps not thinking about post-departure advantages. Our lowest-priced program.
  • TripAssist Basic Plan: For travelers just who choose inexpensive coverage, including travel termination and lost/damaged luggage advantages. Perfect for week-end getaways and instantly trips.
  • TripAssist Family Care Plan: Doubles most post-departure protection of Family Care- kids 17 & under covered at no cost
  • TripAssist Deluxe: Insurance, assistance and concierge services with your highest amounts of protection.


  • Annual Executive Plan: Our Annual Executive plan provides business people with coverage when it comes to regular vacation inconveniences that may turn into missed business opportunities and destroyed revenue.
  • Yearly Deluxe Arrange: Our Yearly Deluxe plan could be the perfect friend for your family’s multiple trips throughout every season.

Car Leasing Protector

  • Leasing Car Damage Protector provides primary coverage for covered collision, reduction and harm, alongside 24-hour emergency support. Just for $9 per day you will be covered, and won’t have to worry about with your individual car insurance company.

Information of Coverage

Travel accident coverage

As a AAA user, you obtain Travel Accident insurance policy instantly as soon as your trip is arranged and bought during your AAA Travel Agency. The master plan covers people around $100, 000.

This program covers you for accidental losing life, limbs, sight, message or hearing whilst travelling in a typical service once the transportation is arranged using your regional AAA Travel Agency.

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