Camgo Campervan is car hire

Car hire System

Gas and Double Tank Program

Discover extremely good development with regards to refueling in Namibia, some-one else does all the do the job though it is most likely worth making certain the petrol attendant uses appropriate gas for the engine!

The attendant may also joyfully wash your windows, check your oil & water and inflate your tires. Typically it's considered good type to tip the attendant before leaving the petrol place.

The community of service stations is great with many small towns having at least one. Petrol channels will usually have a shop attached.

Diesel 500 ppm (standard) – N$ 9.72 (-70 ct)

Diesel 50 ppm (premium) – N$ 9.77 (-75 ct)

Take note: Generally fuel could be paid in cash just! Since September 2011 more and more petrol programs allow spending gas with credit cards. No storage or gas Cards tend to be acknowledged anymore by April 2014.

Upon pick-up of this vehicle you get a Map of Namibia in which all Service Stations are marked.

All our Sedan automobiles need to be fueled with 95 Oktan/Unleaded Fuel.

All the 4x4 Vehicles need to be fueled with ideally 50ppm Diesel.

The Vehicle Groups GD, GLD, GLDS, LC and GLDSC have a dual Tank program.

Because you dont refill/refuel??? your vehicle yourself you're going to have to mention into Attendant your car you will be going with in deed has a dual Tank program.

The gas tanks are accompanied and fuelled to the present (just one) filler pipeline.

After the primary container is full, fuel will begin filling the 2nd tank.

The gas gauge just reveals the total amount of gas that is in the primary tank.

When both tanks tend to be filled the measure will show complete, before second container is empty. Only then needle on gasoline measure begins moving towards vacant.

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