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Most local rental car organizations allow drivers over-age 21 to lease a car.Most local rental automobile companies enable motorists over age 21 to rent a vehicle. (Picture: Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images )

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Whether you're traveling for business or enjoyment, occasionally you need to rent a vehicle. In the past, if you were under age 25 and required accommodations automobile, you're from luck. Because younger motorists are far more inexperienced, rental-car organizations frequently had been unwilling to rent to them. Nevertheless, most top rental-car companies rent to more youthful motorists only with the inclusion of a hefty everyday cost. In many cases, the charges can very nearly twice as much general price of the vehicle. But if you have the available cash, the process for leasing matches for any various other age bracket.


Inquire with your organization's travel department or travel agent about business rental-car records if you should be traveling for business. Typically, whenever you hire a car for function with a corporate account, the leasing agency will waive the underage driver fee. Either ask your business's vacation department or vacation broker to really make the booking available, or make your own reservation with the information you get.

Step Two

Look at the internet site the car-rental company. Enter your details into the reservation kind; as a whole, you'll need the pickup and disappear areas, dates the vehicle is needed together with size of the automobile you want to lease. Check the field suggesting you are an underage main driver.

Step 3

Suggest whether you may need any extra alternatives for your leasing car, such as insurance coverage or a GPS device. If you already have auto insurance, your leasing automobile might be covered using your insurance plan, in which case you don't need to add the additional price of the rental-car insurance coverage.


Reserve your leasing automobile. Normally, you need to offer just your name, email address and a charge card quantity to reserve the car. Your card is not recharged before you grab the vehicle.

Action 5

Get the automobile within rental counter. Get legitimate license and a credit card available.


  • Some rental-car businesses enable motorists under age 25 becoming listed as one more motorist regarding the contract without having to pay the underage driver fee. You will need to show your license and a charge card inside name.
  • Many car-rental businesses require tenants is about 21 yrs old. You can easily hire a car in New York and Michigan if you are 18, but underage driver charges forever 18 to 20 can be hugely high. Besides, if you should be under age 21, you need to book your rental automobile directly with the part, maybe not through web system or main booking work desk.
  • Some locally possessed rental-car companies will hire to underage drivers without a fee. Call companies locally to determine their particular guidelines. Sometimes, the cars you hire from the businesses can be older or have higher mileage compared to the automobiles hired from major chains. Absorb the condition of any vehicle that you hire.
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